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Griffin, Cruz, and Garth: KPCO’s ‘Feel Good’ ambassadors
10 KPCO artists take honors at OMOT Multi-Company Art Show
KP’s YouTube videos get down to basics
Go KP: The ‘challenge’ starts in June!

You could easily say our 2015 1st Quarter Legendary Service P.R.I.D.E. Award winnersWillie Griffin, Jennifer Cruz, and Dr. Alisha Garth – have a lot in common.

Ten of our KPCO On My Own Time (OMOT) Art Show winners were honored at the OMOT Multi-Company Art Show put on by the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts ( in mid-May.

Bottom line, today’s health care is all about consumer education. We can’t expect potential members to make informed decisions about their health care coverage if they don’t even understand some basic terms like ‘integrated care model,’ ‘deductible HMO,’ or ‘high-deductible health plan.’

Are you ready to pick up your activity game next month? Do you have at least three friends here at KPCO or elsewhere that would like to join you in an activity challenge?


The third installment of the TAKE 5 series – the Core CARE Concepts – describes some productive behaviors that, as supervisor or manager, you can adopt when you’re reaching out to our members, your teams, or anyone else. Not too surprisingly, the four concepts ­– Connect, Ask, Respond, End Well – parallel the four habits of outstanding service.